Klondike Adventures

Klondike Adventures


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-04-04
  • Current Version: 1.80
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 208.09 MB
  • Developer: VIZOR APPS CORP.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0.2 or later.
Score: 4.62425
From 72,572 Ratings



Welcome to the ultimate city and farm experience! - EXPLORE the wild territories of Alaska together with valiant Kate and adventure-savvy Paul. Build strong and prosperous farm and city in the wild. This game has it all! - BUILD a flourishing city with factories and farms, mine for resources and craft everything you need for travels, quests, new buildings and orders from the locals dropping by your town. - FARM in the wild! Raise animals and harvest crops, make food for yourself and to trade. - COMPETE with neighboring farm owners and take as many craft and farm orders as you can during the timed events held among all the players! - UNLOCK challenging quests! Help explorers Kate and Paul solve mysteries and build up ancient ruins in every town or village they travel to. - PLAY fun mini-games at your farm and at other locations! - ENJOY the breathtaking scenery and landscapes of various locations! Every corner of your small northern town and the whole game world is packed with wonders of nature and history! - MEET outstanding game characters and hear their compelling stories during your journeys from one town to another! The wild lands of Alaska hide many thrilling adventures. Build the world of your dreams and enjoy your Gold Rush city and farm! Terms of Use: https://vizor-interactive.com/documents/klondike-mobile/eula_appstore.html


  • Love it it needs upgrades and bonuses

    By Cristalinap
    I enjoy this game but the bonuses are very rare. You all should consider adding in game activities to allow players to make coins and energy. The game only allows you to make goods by using your own coins and production takes forever. You will attract more gamers with giving them other means for accumulating energy and coins besides constantly having to buy emeralds. Just my 2c
  • Game won’t even load...

    By maedeloser
    The game looked cool, but I’ve tried installing it multiple times and it won’t open. Phone software is up to date. Can’t open app to access a settings menu to provide feedback. (Do reviews like this mean I have too much time on my hands?...)
  • Dishonest

    By Supuflourous Flounder
    I just discovered that, if I make a selection that would cost me real money, the program just spends my money without asking for confirmation. This can be done by a slip of the finger. I consider this theft, and if I could rate it -5 stars, I would. Avoid this game
  • Love the Game, Dislike the Energy

    By DaSabenitez
    This game reminds me of Paradise Bay, which I was completely devastated when it came to an end. In this game, the graphics, stories, and characters are interesting and the many different adventures are entertaining. But playing Klondike Adventures has its cons. I think everyone who plays it knows the biggest con of all...the energy needed to actually play the game. You are given an energy bar (maxes out at only 50 something unless you purchase more energies to go above 50) and this energy is used to cut through bushes and shrubs, axe down trees, and bulldoze through mounds of rocks, etc. You need these pieces of wood, grass, rocks, etc. to create certain products aside from growing crops in your field AND you need to do it in order to progress through the game and levels, it is a must! The downfall of cutting through these landscapes is that you need energy to break through them. Sometimes it may cost you 90 energies to break a mound of rocks. If you only have the max bar of 50 something energy, then you need to wait another 50 something minutes to break the rest of the mound. I believe it regenerates 1 energy every minute. So in order to play longer, you would have to use real money to purchase gems. 45 gems will get you an additional 500 energies on top of whatever number was in your energy bar. Basically, you really have to pay to play to enjoy this game. Another con is that after you purchase (using game coins) all of the necessary work stations or residences (houses, tents, apartments, etc is needed because this is where the workers live and these workers help you build your products) you just have coins piling up in your bank. Why can’t these coins be used to purchase energies? Example: $100,000 coins can buy 1,000 energy. Or what about the tasks that need to be completed...can’t we earn energies after completing a task? I’m not saying to eliminate the purchasing of gems because we know your business has to profit somehow. But it would be nice to have other options of gaining energies or at least lowering the amount of energy necessary to cut through a sequoia tree. I also wouldn’t mind paying for gems (I’m guilty of paying the $79.99 just to continue playing this addictive game) but these prices are pretty high and it takes so much energy just to cut through trees and rocks. Ugh! I’d hate to quit playing because I do love playing but I dislike my excessive spending (paying over $100) just to enjoy this game. May need to research another addictive game during this pandemic to keep me busy.
  • Will not load

    By Emilys candy
    I have tried MANY times to get it to work, but it wont. I have tried exiting out and even deleting and reinstalling it but it still won’t load. It loads half way before saying error. It happens every time and I really want to play this game! Please fix this!!!
  • I am deleting this game

    By mja160
    The game can be addicting but it requires to much energy i am deleting this game you get no where you only get enough energy to maybe do 1 thing at first it ok you start with energy but once its used good luck i would not recommend it for this reason only otherwise i would have kept it
  • Beware of in-app purchases!

    By MoE1684
    I’ve been charged more than the advertised cost of in-app purchases. They even billed me for packs that don’t even exist. There’s no way to report this except through Apple Support, and they just immediately reject reports of fraudulent charges. You’ll have to work with your credit card company to get your money back. Have fun!
  • Dity78

    By Dity78
    VERY stingy on lightning bolts, takes forever to get anywhere and if you chose to buy more it’s very pricey. Fun game but.....believe I’ll pass.
  • This game will bleed you dry

    By Stickarmz
    I was excited to download and play this app when it was released because I loved the idea of living in the wild, treasure hunts, exploration, and building communities. The unlimited storage of materials and goods was a draw because, unlike other apps, I didn’t have to keep selling off stuff to maintain inventory. The initial build was pretty quick. Then it got too spread out, not across landscape but across random places that would come and go and weren’t connected as wells as unrelated tasks that didn’t add to the overall experience. Energy is the major requirement to proceed and it doesn’t last long nor is it cheap. Once they changed the price packages, progress became stagnant and I stopped playing. I just opened it up to see if the premise might have changed, but nope! You still just expend energy clearing rocks and plants without any idea if it benefits progress. Can’t get make the most of your energy purchases. The graphics were a draw but the constant internal ads and obnoxious (not too mention creepy) characters are a turnoff. Maybe I’ll check back in a year. There are far more interesting, enjoyable apps out there...
  • Bait and Switch

    By Zamb killer
    The adds show a completely different/better game play than the actual game. If you are looking to do lay the scenarios on the ads, skip this game as you will be annoyed.