Disney Collect! by Topps

Disney Collect! by Topps

By The Topps Company, Inc.

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2019-11-18
  • Current Version: 12.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 362.25 MB
  • Developer: The Topps Company, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.54363
From 1,845 Ratings



Experience a world where you can collect & trade your favorite Disney characters from over 90+ memorable years of ageless Disney creations, animations, and storylines! Discover a whole new world of collecting! • NEW digital collectibles available every day! • Claim FREE collectibles every day! • Claim FREE coins to increase pack-opening power! • Complete sets to earn unique awards! Bring your collection to life! • Trade with Disney fans around the world! • Trade in lower-level cards to receive special cards! • Use magic to cast a wish and win cards & coins! • Complete missions to unlock special content! • Connect and follow fellow collectors! Customize your Profile! • Showcase your favorite collectibles • Choose and unlock new character avatars! *For the best experience, we recommend devices be updated to iOS 12 or later.* MORE INFO Stay up-to-date on latest releases, app updates, giveaways, and more! - Follow @ToppsDisney on Twitter - Follow @ToppsDisney on Instagram - Join us on Facebook: facebook.com/disneycollect - https://www.youtube.com/ToppsDigitalApps


  • Used to be fun now all about you spending money

    By Objectfinder
    The app used to be fun. I would buy the VIP pack each month and between that and spending coins I could collect. Now the are raising not only the prices of packs but also the odds of finding a card so it’s costing a lot more to play. Taking all the fun out of it and trading is a joke with the sharks wanting multiple sold out cards for in store.
  • Collectibility ?

    By Datjrzboi
    The content looks nice. However, the card counts or(cc) are not close to a limited number on ANY of their items. Left out are collectors like myself and THOUSANDS I frequent myself with among the many Topps apps. We all spend money,not just the free coins. Where’s our love?
  • So much fun but a few issues

    By Thephoenixlights
    So overall I love this app. I use it every day and I’ve made so many good friends through it. Opening packs, trading, chatting and earning awards for completing sets is really fun and satisfying. Also, the Disney team is amazing and they interact with the users and listen to feedback. Thank you so much for making El Capitan cards accessible outside of California during the pandemic!!!!! Best Topps team ever! It is my favorite Topps app by far but it has a few issues could be addressed: - They frequently reuse artwork whether it’s the background or a card or the image of a character. It makes the cards seem less special if the same background or image is used in multiple sets. This has been happening more and more and it’s gotten to the point where people are asking why they’re paying $ for the same images over and over. I’m happy to support the app by paying but I think the design team needs to step it up majorly. There are a few reeeeally nice sets in a sea of meh and some sets are just plain ugly or even have design flaws (Rapunzel Regal Steeds award). The same spectrum Mickey head background is used on I wanna say 6 different sets? You’ve got images on base cards that reappear on rare inserts. We love this app, please put more effort into the content! - The rules on spam are unclear. The ToS states that it’s considered spam to post the same thing repeatedly, yet this is what everyone does since the feed moves so quickly and the cool down period is 30 seconds. Some are allowed to post without issue while others are flagged at the whim of other users. Basically, if you have a user with multiple accounts (which is against the rules) flag your post, you’re warned and eventually suspended if it keeps happening, but everyone else can do the same thing with no consequences. Clarification would be great! - iOS users do not have the same quality Tapjoy offers as Android users. My friends are playing games, downloading apps and earning coins but all of my offers are for buying things or taking incredibly long surveys for hardly any reward. Basically have to give up your personal information or spend a lot of money to get even a small amount of coins, so Android users have a big advantage as they can accumulate millions of coins that iOS users cannot. All of that said, I still highly recommend this app. It brings me a lot of joy.
  • Game is dope but ....

    By Kastava
    Collecting is fun. However I would like you guys to allow me to see my list of cards (rare, super rare, common, etc.) as I look at the cards I would like a lock icon on the cards so I can see which ones isn’t locked instead of looking at each card individually. Thanks for your time.
  • Fun Way to Pass Tine

    By Kare Bear2
    I really enjoy Disney Collect. Trying to collect all the cards in a set you want through buying and trading.
  • Bug alert

    By Gael A113
    I watched an add to get some coins and after I watched the add it didn’t give me anything it said I got coins but my money still said 0 but it’s a great app
  • Not enjoying it

    By jason2391
    It’s cost you so many coins to get the daily card. Also costs a lot of coins in general to get cards. It’s very frustrating
  • garbage company

    By fodare
    P2W garbage, tons of whiney babies wasting their mom’s money, then quitting. There are hundreds of dead accounts with most of the jpegs literally gone because they spend cash, get bored and quit. Or Disney blocks you which doesnt allow trading which effectively cuts you off from everyone else, these retards dont understand how losing you cards makes everyone else’s rarer. One less available... but they dont care because WAAAAHHHHH SOMEONE THINKS YOU’RE A BULLY... for not letting kids rip you off. They never review reports and the toxic community abuses them so you’ll get banned for no reason. Dont ask Topps for the reason or help, they dont give a ****. They wont even review any complaint honestly. Just another lazy, greedy, evil cash grab with zero consideration for the f2p poor kids. I got banned for “offensive comments” without ever actually posting any. Oh and its literally impossible to get any sets without the ability to trade so they effectively ruined everything so I’ll just quit. Dont bother. Dont support Topps. Dont support Disney.
  • Love it!

    By blahwtf?
    Absolutely love this app
  • Bad game

    By cil090
    Used to love this game, but now they made changes like giving less coins for challenges and free coin days. Also, hate seeing the designs other places. They did original designs once but never again. Bout to delete.