• Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2014-07-13
  • Current Version: 2.5.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 127.02 MB
  • Developer: NAVER WEBTOON CORP.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.47365
From 40,724 Ratings



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  • Loved it until recently

    By serouslyjustsendthereview
    I loved webtoon until the recent added Daily Pass BS. I would honestly rather buy a physical copy of the story than buy coins just to read the story in a couple of sittings rather than a short chapter every day. Like webtoon knows what they’re doing and it’s dirty. Seriously if you’re going to make me unlock a chapter a day at least let it stay available to me for more than 14 days? I’d love in support these creators but not like this. Now adding an option to buy the comic in full for ever and even a physical copy of the story? Girl I’d bounce on that offer. I love some of these stories and would be more than happy to add them to my book shelves.
  • K245!

    By Just A Punny Person
    The numbers at the bottom made Webtoons feel more like a comic store than some random app and helped to keep track cause it’s hard to find where you stopped reading. Also it’s easier to focus on a number than multiple moving words at the top of a screen when you have astigmatism. Astigmatism- an eye deformity that makes all light blurry and can cause headaches.
  • Definitely great but....

    By i dont have aname
    Ok so I’m going to try and be quick. I absolutely love love love webtoon. I know fast pass is annoying because you have to wait so long but it really is worth it because there are literally so many amazing story’s for whatever you like. I was actually going to give this a 5 star review until it glitched. I’m reading this super great story called “My Deepest Secret” witch is soooooooooo good and probably one of my favorite story’s. But... I’ve been waiting seven days for the next one to come out because of fast pass and it’s felt like forever because I love this story and the episode before the one coming out ended at a cliffhanger so I was so excited. it said it would come out in like 8 house yesterday in the morning. I forgot about that and looked to read it today. I go and it says 7 days still. it didn’t come out it says I have to wait another seven days!!! I’m really mad about this because I don’t spend money on story’s and now I have to wait longer because of a stupid glitch the app had. If anyone is reading this who wants to get this app you totally should because it’s amazing and this is really the first time this has ever happened. I don’t like complaining really but I just wanted to write this mostly for the people who made the app because I am sad and mad about what happened and just really wanna read my book. Please try and make sure these glitches never happen again cause it really made me disappointed. Thank you so much.
  • I adore this app!

    By Pr!sc!lla
    This app is a good way to read and find new things you like, like romance, drama, comedy, and even action! I have been using this app for maybe 1-2 years now and I absolutely love the creativity of the webtoons. I also love the update where they are giving more challenges to earn more coins instead of buying them, and as a 13 year old with not much money, I love it! I see that some people are not fond of the completed series update though with having one daily pass, But i think that it kinda makes it fun in a way to try and still have that feeling of a cliffhanger and seeing what happens next, even though it is already completed. Overall I love this app and the stories on it and have found myself using it most of the day. I would give this app a 5 star rating all day!
  • Omfg

    By AkuhnR
    Won’t let me sign in to old account I have all passwords yet it just doesn’t let me and I don’t want to have to make a new goddam password
  • It’s really good and I totally recommend it but there are some flaws

    By Hazy_64
    I wish that when you would read the new comment that they posted it will it say up anymore so than you would know that you read it and you don’t have to keep on clicking it being like “oh they posted again”
  • Daily Pass

    By yes rae
    I absolutely love webtoon. I loved going to completed webtoons and binge-reading my personal favorites but I really dislike how daily pass has become in thing bc it’s taken the joy out of reading on this app
  • Took away my coins and account with new update

    By hersheysforever
    I have frequently bought coins to support the authors of these amazing webtoons. I’ve been trying to work with the company for over 2 weeks now when they deactivated my account and took $10 worth of coins with it. As much as I want to support this platform for artists, DO NOT PURCHASE COINS. They customer service has been completely unresponsive with automated responses and has been a struggle to deal with. Learned my lesson.
  • Coins now?

    By Hannahstorm62
    I have always loved WEBTOON. It was the best platform to read on that did not require you to pay. I understand paying for fast pass episodes and seeing content before others who haven’t paid. (I have spent money to do this) now you want coins for every episode?!? Or wait so many days to be able to read. This is my saving grace in this stressful world. Being able to binge read and forget my daily life and be able to escape reality. Now I can’t do that. I have bills to pay first. I can’t buy coins every now and then as a reward to splurge on fast passes. Now it’s just another app that’s falling under peer pressure to be like all the other comics apps. Seriously dissatisfied with the new experience.
  • I would give it five stars but...

    By KanKapp
    You’re just money hungry. This “daily pass” is just annoying, I just want to read my favourite series again, what’s so wrong with that? You really need to fix this and I can tell a lot of other people are mad. Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing app, just get rid of the daily pass and I’ll give it five stars again.